Author: Spymac
Type: Scan Server
Config: Mac 68K or PPC, PC with windows
Size: Mac version: 290 Ko
Carbon version: 500 Ko
PC version: 400 Ko
Download Mac version (1.5)
Download PC version (1.0)
Download Carbon version (1.5)

Dolly-Servup is an utility to know if a server is up or down. You can also gauge the speed of the server because more Dolly-Servup will tell you the server is up speedily , more the server will be speedy which can be very usefull to choose an irc server.
The 1.5 version is only available for Mac at the moment, with this version you can now know the time took Dolly-Servup to know if the server was up , so you can test the speed of a server with a good a precison.
Dolly-Servup works now on MacosX with the carbon version.